At first sight you would say that Vagabond Nation is a co-working and co-living space, but in reality it is way more than that. There are more and more of us, digital nomads roaming around the world, yet it is still such a rare occasion that we accidentally cross each others path.

Vagabond Nation is the offline place to meet, learn, work, live and a discover a city with fellow nomads.

What we do

Work, Live, Connect



Access the nomad only
coworking space

  • Super fast internet
  • Daily team-building /li>
  • Professional Workshops
  • Networking events
  • Terrace
  • Craft beer


Sleep at the nomad only
coliving flat

  • 2 floor apartment
  • Centrally Located
  • Kitchen
  • Dorms, Doubles, Singles
  • Terrace
  • Sheets/Linen included

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Vagabond Nation is a place for Digital Nomads exclusively. We use an application system, to make sure, that we are gathering a community of like minded people. Fill out this form, and we will get back to you pretty soon.


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What our guests say about us

What people say

  • Jessica Yubas
    I first visited Budapest in 2006 and was completely charmed by it's cool, cosmopolitan vibe, interesting history, exotic restaurant scene and beautiful architecture. From getting lost exploring the city's two sides, soaking in the baths or window shopping on Váci Street, you won't be bored for a minute. Now, ten years later, I'm a digital nomad and I can't wait to return to Budapest by way of Vagabond Nation to revisit this hidden jewel of Europe.
    Jessica Yubas
    The Vagabond (Grand)Daughter
  • Estella Kun
    Budapest is one of the coolest up-coming hotspots for digital nomads in Europe. It offers all the charm of an Eastern European capital with beautiful architecture, popular night life, fantastic food and creative scene. Also its well connected to all European cities with cheap airfares or train rides. Budapest is the among the best places to visit in the summer time, come and pass by there
    Estella Kun
Meet our team

About us

Bori Vigh

Bori is a Digital Nomad traveling the world for 2 years, been in 55 countries. Coming home from her last destination, Honduras, now she settles for a few months in Budapest with us. She is the person who makes sure, you are not bored in Hungary, and that you don’t feel left out - organising the activities. She is also responsible for our marketing, so ping her with any ideas of yours.

Gergely Bathory

Gergő is an economist and a lawyer. He is the strategic director of a family owned venture capital investor company in Hungary. He travels a lot for work which he loves to do. In light of these habits he is a person who supports the idea from the very beginning. He is also responsible for the supervision.

Tibor Bedő

Tibor is a double facing guy. Part-time he is a serious finance professional, part-time a hard-core traveler. He has seen both the startup buzz of Silicon Valley and the remote dunes of Jordan. His favorite countries are Vanuatu, Namibia, and New Zealand. His mission is to turn Budapest a must-have destination for all digital nomads. He is a visionary and high-level non-blabla strategy guy. Ping him if you have an idea how to scale Vagabond Nation to other countries.

Márton Budai

Marci graduated from Corvinus University of Budapest as a financial economist. He works as an analyst and consultant for the same family owned venture capital investor company in Hungary as Gergő. He supports the team from the financial point of view and he is the person who is responsible for controlling. He travels often for work but he loves traveling for leisure purposes too.
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